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Encore Networks EN-1000 LTE CAT1 Wireless Router For M2M and IoT Applications

Price: $210.00
Item Number: EN1000CAT100001
Manufacturer: Encore Networks INC
Manufacturer Part No: EN1000CAT100001

The Encore Networks EN-1000™ high-performance router is the first commercial grade router developed for the newest Category 1 (CAT1) service on the Verizon Wireless LTE network. Like all LTE services, CAT1 provides a low-latency broadband connection--but capped at 10 Mbit/s download (and 5 Mbit/s upload). The lower data speed allows for:

  • Simpler components—the basis for an ultra-low cost hardware design
  • A less expensive LTE data plan

When paired, the "EN-1000™ on CAT1" becomes the ideal replacement for sunsetting 2G cellular data services.

While comparable in cost to 2G solutions, the EN-1000™ and CAT1 offer more data bandwidth than 2G, more functionality than early 2G routers, and the long life expectancy of LTE. This combination of router and wireless service will future-proof many existing applications such as:

  • Kiosks
  • Retail Point of Sale
  • Security panels
  • Business Continuity/Branch back-up
  • Distributed Enterprise Support

Designed for the Internet of Things, the EN-1000™ router includes many highly desirable features in the base price. Other vendors often require separate license fees and the complexity of installing software keys to activate these features:

  • IP routing protocols
  • DMNR, GRE, and IPsec
  • VPN (tunnel, NAT-T, and Dead Peer Detection)
  • Firewall
  • Ethernet and IP interworking
  • Cellular/IP pass-through for direct connect to the Internet
  • Back-up using VRRP for low-bandwidth circuits
  • 100% Up-Time using Automatic failover and failback
  • Alarm reporting to SNMP host
  • Enhanced traffic grooming using QoS
  • Data Traffic types can be assigned to specific links, IP Addresses

For the existing 2G applications facing transport extinction, the EN-1000™ provides a future-proof upgrade that avoids the “forklift” at lowest cost and fastest ROI. It is the perfect solution for mission critical low bit rate transport requirements. Its small footprint lets it fit into kiosks, tight retail spaces, and crowded offices.

The EN-1000™ supports high-availability in fixed or portable locations and can be used as either a primary or back-up connection eliminating the high costs and challenges of network outages. Used as a back-up, when a wired connection goes down, the EN-1000™ keeps applications online by quickly switching to wireless, eliminating the risk of lost business due to downtime. The router will fall back from a traditional (wireline) broadband service such as DSL, cable modem, and Metro Ethernet to a cellular data network. The EN-1000™ detects a network failure and seamlessly switches to LTE, and will preserve multiple VPN tunnels and VLAN support. This Disaster Recovery and business-continuity feature is standard. As a primary connection, the EN-1000™ can be installed where it is not practical, or cost effective to use traditional broadband technology.


First Verizon Wireless LTE CAT1 Router
  • Distributed Enterprise Support for a variety of networks providing “always on” service
  • License free, VRRP, DMNR, GRE and IPsec for best M2M / IOT router ROI, VPN (tunnel, NAT-T, and Dead Peer Detection)
  • Pass Through/Bridge Operation for direct connect to the Internet
  • Supports both wireless and wired transport
  • Two Ethernet ports, either LAN/LAN or WAN/LAN
  • Small footprint, Low power consumption
  • Enhanced traffic grooming using QoS
  • Data Traffic types can be assigned to specific links, IP Addresses
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