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Verizon Sim Card: MFF2 Embedded Sim 25 Pak Strip

Price: $200.00

FullM2M Quad Overview

  • The FullM2M Quad is a Machine Identity Module (MIM) specifically designed for M2M applications. The FullM2M Quad MIM combines traditional smart card security with a more rugged form factor, it is designed to avoid usage of a SIM socket (direct soldering on device’s printed circuit board).

This MIM has a specific form factor (DFN-8, also called SON-8, and previously called VQFN-8 in some documents) defined as MFF2 in the ETSI M2M UICC standard (TS 102.671).

  • Packaging --> ETSI MFF2 (also know as DFN8/ SON8 /VQFN-8)
  • Operating Temperature --> -40ºC to +105ºc
  • Networks compliancy --> 2G/3G/4G
  • Supply Voltage --> ISO class A(5V), B(3V) & C (1.8V)
  • Communication protocol --> ISO
  • OS features --> Javacard ,eXtended-Life , eUICC

  eXtended-Life operating system is a Gemalto’s M2M specific operating system especially designed to maximize the lifespan 
  of the memory chip, making it more resistant to stress (erase/write cycles) and allowing to have a very high level of 
  reliability on the field.
  eUICC is a new feature being implemented in Gemalto products. eUICC transforms the traditional UICC into a Multiple 
  Independant Profile Areas UICC (MIPA concept) where different profiles from different MNOs can securely cohabit in the
  same chip and can remotely be administrated (download, activation, deletion).
Manufacturer: Verizon Wireless
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