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Inseego: SKYUS DS2 USB MODEM - North America

Price: $349.00
Item Number: SKDS2MUS-R
Manufacturer: Inseego
Manufacturer Part No: SKDS2MUS-R

Skyus DS

Make IoT Connectivity Easy

Plug-and-play connectivity in demanding IoT environments with two externally accessible SIM card slots, the Skyus DS is an ideal choice for domestic and global deployments.

These powerful USB connected modems provide connectivity and failover support for anything from vending machines to ATMs and everything in between. Skyus and Skyus DS provide you with a secure way to transmit sensitive data to and from a remote site. And with Skyus Watcher, our watchdog utility, you have easy visibility into your signal strength and online connections. Watcher monitors your Skyus deployment and can distinguish a real security threat from a minor issue and knows when to alert you. Designed to operate unattended, Skyus Watcher gives you peace of mind that your deployed devices are secure and always connected. Small, yet powerful, the Skyus & Skyus DS keep your business powered 24/7 Seamless Deployment Skyus and Skyus DS use standard USB connections, so getting up and running is as simple as plug and play. External Antenna Ports External antenna ports optimize reception and coverage providing a stronger signal. Connection Watchdog Watcher monitors your Skyus deployment and alerts you if there’s an issue. Rugged Design Designed for continuous operation and higher temperature ranges than typical USB modems.
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